As many of you know, we have experienced the ebb and flow of dealing with COVID-19 and the effects that it has had within our church. Since day one, we have continually monitored the situation, watched the governor’s updates, conferred with local health officials and other churches in our city and made decisions accordingly. The decisions that we make as a staff are weighed heavily, talked through thoroughly, prayed about and made with a heart of caution and of care for you. Many of these decisions are not easy. We, however, have to make those decisions based on caution and care. We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you are in and around our facilities. 

We have taken several steps over the past few months and implemented numerous cleaning and disinfection procedures. We realize that some of these cleaning procedures, such as spraying aerosols, do have effects on a few of our members, but that’s one of the procedures we have to take to help ensure that we are doing everything we can to help do our part in keeping our facilities as clean as possible.

In the South Worship Venue, the procedures and installations are as follows:

  • Installed 5 UV lights in the worship venue to help dissipate mold, mildew and viruses
  • Disinfect and thoroughly clean high touch/usage areas multiple times a week
  • Installed 3 UV lights for air filtration system for administration offices
  • Section off every other pew to spread out seating
  • Installed hand sanitizers inside near the entrances
  • Installed offering boxes to reduce contact of passing an offering plate
  • Encourage masks upon entering and exiting the building

In the North Worship Venue, the procedures and installations are as follows:

  • Installed 2 i-wave misters and 3 UV lights to help dissipate viruses, bacterias, mold and mildew
  • Disinfect and clean thoroughly all high touch/usage areas multiple times a week
  • Adjust seating to accommodate social distancing and encourage those attending to sit in family groups
  • Prop doors open before and after services
  • Installed offering boxes to reduce contact of offering plates
  • Encourage masks upon entering and exiting the building

In the event of a positive COVID-19 case, we immediately close the area affected and Ben personally cleans and disinfects the area, asking all of our staff to stay out of the area for at least 12hrs. We monitor the contact tracing and ask those who were in the affected area to inform us if they are not feeling well or test positive in the following days, to help us make the decisions necessary with utmost caution and care for our churchSometimes that is to cancel one service or to shift everything completely online. Again, these are very tough decisions. 

In the press conference on November 10, 2020, our governor and state health leaders are recommending masks to be worn at all times by congregants, except those who are exempt under ADH guidelines. Strict 6-foot physical distancing applies to everyone aside from family groups, both indoor and outdoor actives. Seating in worship centers should follow these guidelines.

As we move forward based on the recommended guidelines, we are removing chairs from the North Worship Venue to allow more social distancing and creating an overflow area in the fellowship hall to accommodate extra seating. Please take personal inventory of your family’s personal level of caution and make decisions based on their well-being. We will continue to monitor the situation, refer to local health officials and confer with our church leadership to make the best decision for our church family. 


Pastors and Staff

Pauline Baptist Church